2019 Toy Share | Community Solidarity

December 17th-24th

Share Joy This Holiday Season!

From now until Dec. 24th you can help Community Solidarity organize a massive toy drive for the thousands of families we assist each week. Not only that, you can help transform our food delivery trunk into a mobile toy store!!! You're invited to drop off toy donations (new & used toys) at any of our Food Share locations, and you're also invited to join us as we share those toys on the following dates. 

Share Joy

You can bring toy donations directly to any of these locations &

You'll help share a smile this holiday season!

Tuesday, Dec. 17th @7pm

Thursday, Dec. 19th @7pm

Saturday, Dec. 21st @3pm

Sunday, Dec. 22nd @2pm

Even in the harshest weather parents come to us for help,
Here's your chance to help!

There's more than one way to help

So we're here to help expand you impact!

Don't forget, we'll still be sharing tens of thousands of pounds of plant-based groceries during the holiday week! Warm winter clothing and hot vegan meals that week as well.

From organizing a toy drive at your school or office to cooking up a hot vegan meal here are five ways you can help Community Solidarity this holiday season. 

Ways you can help this holiday season

1. Signup to volunteer! It's the easiest way to help donate toys, share toys, or just help! Click here to signup and we'll be in contact with all the ways you can help. 

2. Organize your own toy drive and bring what you collect to one of our Holiday food shares. If you're in an office reach out to the people you work with. If you're in school reach out to your fellow students. Belong to a house of worship? You can reach out there as well. You can simply let your friends know that you're collecting items to bring to one of our food shares on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We're accepting new and used toys so let people know they can donate their old toys.  We bet that if you put the word out, you'll get a big bag worthy of goodies. 

3. Organize a winter clothing drive and bring what you collect to one of our Holiday food shares. In addition to sharing compassionate groceries year-round, Community Solidarity shares clothing year-round as well. As the weather gets colder, the need for blankets, sleeping bags, winter coats, gloves, hats and other outdoor gear greatly increases. Especially amongst our local homeless populations. This Holiday season you can help those in the most need get a little bit of warmth by going through your closets for anything that's warm that can be of use. Again, you can reach out to any organization that you're a part of and let them know that you're collecting warm weather clothing for one of our holiday food shares. 

4. Prepare a vegan meal, or vegan dessert, for our special Christmas Eve Eve Food Share in Hempstead. On Sunday, December 22nd at 2 pm we'll be expanding our Hempstead Food Share with extra clothing and toys for the holidays. We're also looking to have a larger variety of vegan meals available for anyone who'd like a plate. 

5. Help us get the word out. By sharing this post on your social media feeds you help Community Solidarity reach more people who'd be interested in donating and help. If you're organizing your own toy or clothing drive, you can share this post along with that information. Let your friends know you're collecting items to bring to one of our shares. You can also RSVP to this event on Facebook by clicking here.

6. Donate. Even though Community Solidarity is an all-volunteer organization every dollar helps us put fuel in our trucks and plant-based food in the bellies of thousands of people each week. You can donate by clicking here

Want to get more involved? 

There are two buttons below. One is an RSVP for this event on Facebook. You can help us by sharing this with your friends, and commenting on any items you're planning to bring and to which share. 

The second button will take you to our volunteer signup page. If you're interested in getting even more involved you can fill out our volunteer survey and when you show up to volunteer we'll start working with you on the projects you're most interested in getting involved with. 

Signup to help share toys and share some joy this holiday season!