Board of Directors | Community Solidarity

Rose Zacchi

Rose Zacchi is the Chair of the Board of Directors for Community Solidarity, Inc. and one of the organizations hardest working volunteers. When she's not working 40 hours a week helping disabled adults improve their lives, she's volunteering nearly 40 hours a week organizing teams of volunteers collecting food donations, building relationships in the communities we operate in, and helping those who's voices are having a hard time being heard. 

Rose started volunteering with Long Island Food Not Bombs over 7 years ago, way before Community Solidarity ever existed. Her passion and dedication helped to grow that community and gave birth to a new endeavor, something more extensive, that of Community Solidarity, Inc. 

Jon Stepanian

Jon Stepanian is the President & CEO of Community Solidarity the largest vegetarian hunger relief program in the United States. Sharing vegetarian groceries, hot vegan meals and clothing with tens of thousands each month is only part of Jon's job description. The other part is creating long-term solutions to end poverty; namely by developing community inter-dependance, promoting a balanced nutritious diet and fighting for social justice.   

Jon is also the Co-founder of Long Island Food Not Bombs, the community that gave birth to Community Solidarity, Inc. and notably the largest Food Not Bombs chapter in the world! He has worked in advisory positions at the United Nations and the New York Civil Liberties Union. His commentary on issues of US Poverty can be found in publications like the Times Tribune,, and the Huffington Post. It can also be heard at symposiums and forums across the tristate area where he advocates for grassroots problem solving over the mainstream nonprofit hierarchical models.  

Jon has been reconized by the Long Islander's "Power List" as one of the 50 most influencial Long Islanders, he's been named one of News 12's "12 Making a Difference" for 2015, he received the "Deed Before Creed" award by the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island and was awarded the 2013 Kairos Award by The Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives. 

To learn more about Jon we recommend chacking out his TEDx Talk about Communty Solidarity's hunger relief mission.

Vincent Cocca

Besides being, a co-founder and Director of Community Solidarity, Inc., Vincent Cocca is the energy behind the community and its growth. Dedicating himself to helping others Vincent, aka Vinnie, has helped to form our Farmingville Food Share, our distribution system and our massive team of volunteers. Vinnie's leadership has been paramount to our disaster relief efforts for Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, our annual Thanksgiving bonanzas, our community gardening projects and likely a hundred other projects over the past years.