Back 2 School Drive 2020 | Community Solidarity

August 8th - September 30th

A Long Island wide School Supply Drive & Distribution

You have the power to help students thrive in these difficult times

It's Back-2-School season and there are families across Long Island struggling to get their kids the school supplies they need.

Unfortunately, for many of our neighbors, this can be a costly burden to overcome. Purchases of notebooks, backpacks, and sneakers add up quickly creating added stress for many in our community. Worse, the Coronavirus pandemic has added to these hardships both by putting more of our neighbors in worse financial situations and creating uncertainty for the supplies their children will need. 

Did you know that the average American family spent nearly $600 per child on back-2-school supplies last year!!! This costly burden is just too much for families who are already struggling to pay the rent or put food on the table. This year, COVID is making those prices skyrocket with the uncertainty and added expense of online or mixed learning. Currently, it's estimated that it will cost Long Island families over $1,017 and $1,668 per elementary school student and high school student respectively. 

So, with that in mind, Community Solidarity is inviting you to help in a variety of uniquely impactful ways.

Help our Students Thrive

Where to donate school supplies on Long Island?
You can bring school supply donations directly to any of these locations &

You'll help local students in need thrive this Back-2-School season!

Every Tuesday @7pm

Every Thursday @7pm

Every Saturday @3pm

Every Sunday @2pm

Donate school supplies
to Long Island students in need.

There's more than one way to help

So we're here to help expand you impact!

Don't forget, we'll still be sharing hundreds of thousands of pounds of plant-based groceries during this back-2-school season! Our goal is to help Long Island families get the necessities they need, from school supplies to food.

From organizing a school supply drive at your outdoor yoga studio or at your office there's so many ways you can help. Here are five easy suggestions we have. 

More ways you can help Long Island students
in need this back-2-school season

1. Signup to Donate School Supplies It's the easiest way to help, just donate school supplies! Click here to signup and we'll be in contact with all the ways you can help. 

2. Organize your own school supply drive and bring what you collect to one of our food share locations. If you're in an office reach out to the people you work with. If you're in a community organization reach out to your fellow members. Belong to a house of worship? You can reach out there as well. You can simply let your friends know that you're collecting school supplies to bring to one of our food shares on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter.  We bet that if you put the word out, you'll get a big box of supplies. 

3. Donate funds to our School Supply fund! 100% of donations to this fund will go to getting students and their families what they need. From purchasing school supplies, tablets, and internet hotspots, our goal is to get struggling families everything they need for the new school year. Donate Here! 

4. Signup to Volunteer, Community Solidarity is always in need of more volunteers. You can help us share groceries, school supplies, and other necessities with thousands of families in need. Plus, you'll join a community of hundreds of dedicated and awesome volunteers changing Long Island for the better.

5. Help us get the word out. By sharing this post on your social media feeds you help Community Solidarity reach more people who'd be interested in donating and help. If you're organizing your own toy or clothing drive, you can share this post along with that information. Let your friends know you're collecting items to bring to one of our shares. You can also RSVP to this event on Facebook by clicking here.

Want to get more involved? 

Donate to our Long Island School Supply Support Fund

Because of the extreme uncertainty of the new school year, we've created a School Supply support fund for Long Island students in need. Mixed, or totally online, learning requires computers, tablets, hotspots, and other tools that are not easily attainable for many families. While some school districts are giving these items out for free others are not. Worse, some of the families we work with have no access to the internet in their homes, added to the difficulties of their child's learning. Our goal with this fund is to get whatever items a student may need in the year to come.  

Let us know you plan on donating school supplies