Blizzard Heroes | Community Solidarity

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Because of the blizzard, Community Solidarity is the only food rescue organization operating on Long Island today. This is a sobering thought when you realize that there are over 182,000 Long Islanders who will face hunger tonight and thousands with no shelter who will be sleeping in the cold. 

You can help. 

Community Solidarity rescues and shares vegetarian groceries, hot vegan meals, warm clothing and other necessities with over 5,500 people each week.

We operate 24/7, no days off, no holidays, no sick days. Over the past ten and a half years we've never missed a day. Through countless blizzards, hurricanes and even Super Storm Sandy we're always out there; and in many cases like today, we're the only one's out there.

Hunger doesn't take a day off because of the weather, and neither does Community Solidarity. We believe in solidarity, it's a commitment to always be there for our neighbors in need and it's a responsibility we don't take lightly.

Hence, our volunteers have been driving around all day. Rescuing food for people in need across Long Island, and for our Huntington Food Share, tonight at 7 pm.

Here are 3 ways you can help these Blizzard Heroes out!

1. Donate - Community Solidarity operates on a shoestring budget. Your contribution will help put fuel in our trucks and food on a family's table. In 2016, every dollar donated to Community Solidarity allowed us to rescue over 700 pounds of plant-based foods! That's enough to feed a family of 4 for 7 weeks!

2. Organize a Clothing & Blanket Drive - It's march, but warm clothing, blankets, and sleeping bags are still desperately needed by many homeless across Long Island.

You can get the folks in your office, school, local cafe, or wherever to organize a drive. The best part is you and your friends can bring the items you've collected to one of our Food Shares and help us distribute them to people in need, right there, right then.

3. Volunteer - If you can lend a hand tonight in the middle of the blizzard that's great. Even if you can't, we operate 24/7 and have Food Shares across Long Island & NYC. We're always looking for help and you can signup to volunteer by clicking here.    

With Warm Thoughts & Love for All,
Jon Stepanian & Community Solidarity 

Tonight's Location: 
Huntington Food Share at 7 pm
E.6th Street & Fairground Ave
Huntington, NY 11746