We did it, together!

We are so excited to tell all of our supporters that through your generous donations we have reached our goal and recently purchased a brand new Ram Promaster Cargo Van!! Now, we can now pick up more food, more efficiently and serve more of our neighbors!

This was made possible not through the contributions of a few but through the contributions of many which is appropriate since that is what we are all about! 

We are a united Community all working towards a common goal. In addition to our funds, we had the help of a very generous donor UTi( a Global Logistics Company) that wrote us a very sizable check.

We look forward to seeing you at our food shares and once again, this could not have been possible without all of the people we have acknowledged here.

Thank you for your support, 
In love & solidarity, 
Community Solidarity, Inc. 

Community Solidarity, first day with a van! from Community Solidarity on Vimeo.