Community Solidarity

Community Solidarity, Inc. is America’s largest all-vegetarian hunger relief food program. Each week we assist thousands of families by providing nutritious vegetarian groceries and hot gourmet vegan meals. These plant based foods aren't just healthier than anything offered by mainstream food banks, they're also more compassionate.

Community Solidarity shares millions of pounds of food each year with tens of thousands of hungry people each year. We are able to do so in large part thanks to local supportive business owners, employees, farmers and some pretty incredible individuals.

Community Solidarity, Inc. depends on community involvement. That's why it's so important for you to get involved.

If you work at a grocery store or food establishment you probably already know that a lot of good food gets thrown out every day - in fact the amount of food that is wasted in the United States alone is enough to feed the entire world. Help us by prevent some of that waste and together we can start feeding our community today! It's very easy to share your unused food with Community Solidarity!

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Our Philosophy. 

Community Solidarity is more than a nonprofit; it’s more than a grassroots movement; Community Solidarity is a philosophy. A philosophy based on the belief that empowered compassionate communities can heal themselves and in doing so create the blueprint for greater social change. Essentially, we exist to put ourselves out of business. We don’t want to address hunger, or poverty, or homelessness; we want to eliminate those problems completely.