Thanksgiving Volunteer Signup

So this Thanksgiving, like every Thanksgiving, Community Solidarity is organizing its largest events ever and now, more than ever, we require your help to pull them off. We ask that you take a pledge to stand with us. You can pledge to just be there, pledge to help us collect clothing & materials, pledge to spread the word; pledge to donate some funds - basically we ask you to pledge your help.

Solidarity is about a community coming together and we hope you join us in making that happen. The following is our pledge/signup form with different ways to help, but please don't feel limited by this. We welcome creative ideas and would love for your thoughts on how you'd like to make this event even better. Hell, we even have a text-box where you can add your ideas :) Also, please don't feel like you have to signup for everything... if you don't want to that is. Without a doubt, your help with one thing is just as valuable as your help with ten things.

Please take this pledge, spread the word through facebook, twitter, email and word of mouth. Help get your friends to take the pledge as well!

Step 1: Tell us about yourself.

Step 2: Tell us about your interests.

Volunteering Interests
Personal Interests

What Thanksgiving Bonanza events would you like to volunteer at?

Step 3: Can you help us transport goods to people in need?

Do you have a vehicle you can use to help Community Solidarity transport food and other donations in?

Step 4: Would you be interested in volunteering weekly?

Step 5: Tell us your other interests, Questions, etc...

Are you a student?
What school, college, university are you attending?
Are you affiliated with another organization?