Community Solidarity, Inc. and our hunger relief program "Long Island Food Not Bombs" are always making waves. From helping people at our Food Shares to advocating against food waste and hunger, part of our mission is about being as loud as possible. Vocal? You bet we are, check out what the mainstream press has to say about us.

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"Food relief group could use better wheels to bring vegetarian offerings to the needy"


Special to Newsday, printed Sunday May 3rd, pages G2-G3 Newsday

Community Solidarity Inc., also known as Long Island Food Not Bombs, gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “take a load off.”

Originally published by News 12, Long Island. News 12 recognizes Jon Stepanian and Community Solidarity, Inc. as one of their "12 Making a Difference" for 2015. The full video which aired on Jan. 30th 2015 can be found on the News 12 website at the following link:

Jon Stepanian runs the largest community-run grassroots food distribution programs in the U.S. on Long Island.

Printed on April 24th, 2014 in Newsday, "LI Food Not Bombs offers free vegetarian food shares" written by CLAUDIA GRYVATZ COPQUIN

"There, volunteers set up the food on long tables and share it, along with fresh flowers, used clothing, books, seeds, toys and school supplies, with anyone who wants it. No money is ever exchanged. Social service agencies are not involved. No one on the food line is asked for documentation, their name or income."

Photo credit Louis Mazzei, @515LM
[HEMPSTEAD, NY] The hunger relief efforts of a small group of dedicated and caring Long Islanders operating on a near-zero budget is eclipsing that of the relief efforts of many well-funded 501-c3 organizations, both in number of people served and in the volume of food distributed. The group, a Long Island chapter of the decentralized, grassroots, hunger relief group, Food Not Bombs, is serving to both inspire the local community and simultaneously raise questions as to how an autonomous group with a shoestring budget can outmatch non-profits of similar purpose whose operating budget exceeds millions of dollars annually.

Originally published on Dec 17, 2012 by US Tzu Chi 360 on their youtube channel.

Americans today are wasting 40% of their food. Uneaten food accounts for second largest component of landfill. Join us in this episode as we scour the streets of New York City to find ways to reduce and recover quality, fresh food.


 Photo Credit: Ed Betz

Originally published in Newsday on Sept. 3rd, 2012 by MACKENZIE ISSLER. Original story can be read online at Photo Credit: Ed Betz

Starting early on a recent Saturday, a handful of people -- their cars packed with fresh produce, baked goods and bouquets of flowers -- drove to Wyandanch.

Originally posted in Newsday, on August 30th, 2011 in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. Written by JENNIFER BARRIOS, the original story can be found at