Hempstead Thanksgiving Bonanza 2015

Vegan Thanksgiving
Pledge to Volunteer!

On Sunday, November 22nd at 2pm Community Solidarity,Inc. will be transforming the weekly Hempstead Food Share into what we're calling the Hempstead Food Share Bonanza.

In addition to sharing tens-of-thousands of pounds of Thanksgiving groceries, clothing and books - we'll also be dishing up a cooked vegan feast made up of dozens of delicious appetizers, entrees, desserts and beverages.

It's all part of our annual Thanksgiving celebrations. This event, the Hempstead Bonanza, will be the largest Food Share in the 35 year history of the international Food Not Bombs movement, it will be the largest vegan Thanksgiving ever and it will be the embodiment of a community that is standing in solidarity against hunger and in defiance of poverty.

Basically, this thing is just going to be huge! Last year, this event was the largest Food Not Bombs Food Share in ever! This year we're looking to outdo ourselves yet again.

But to make this happen we need your help. Take the pledge to help out and stand in solidarity! Or donate some much-needed funds to our nonprofit. We encourage everyone to participate by collecting needed items (like clothing, books, toys and other necessities) and sharing them with us on the 22nd. We also encourage everyone to cook up their favorite vegan dishes and bring them down as well.

Pledge to Volunteer!

Please take the pledge to help! If possible we ask that you email us (LongIslandFoodNotBombs[at]gmail.com) or call us (631.223.4370) with what you plan to bring, so that we have an idea of how much we have to share. If you'd like to participate in another way, if you have any questions, or if you'd like to share an idea with us please contact us as well.

If you work at a grocery store, farm stand, restaurant, etc... and you'd like to share food or other items with us we can arrange pickups at your convenience, just call us at 631.223.4370.

=>Community Solidarity has become an awesome source of support in Kings, Nassau & Suffolk Counties and we hope you come on the 22nd to see what all the hoopla is about.

=>If you've never been to a Community Solidarity Food Share this is the perfect time to get involved, meet new friends and be part of something that's just starting to grow in its own. We encourage everyone to check out other features on our website (www.communitysolidarity.org) to learn more information.

=>Are you curious what previous years' Community Solidarity Thanksgiving Bonanza was like? You can find more information about it and pictures, here.

If you're looking for more ways to help out you can also check out our Get Involved page at (www.communitysolidarity.org/signup) or at our pledge/signup page at (communitysolidarity.org/thanksgiving2015/pledge).

Please RSVP for this event on Facebook by clicking here.

24hrs with Long Island Food Not Bombs from Sparrow Media on Vimeo.