Hey friends,
Everyone at Community Solidarity just wanted to say how excited we our for today’s Thanksgiving Bonanza event. We’ve been cooking organic vegan gourmet meals for two days now. We’ve loaded up our trucks with over 85k pounds of groceries and we’re actually aiming to collect an additional 10-20k more in the coming hours!
We’re also getting ready to share this feast with thousands of people. We have thousands of pounds of warm clothing to give out. And, well, we’re hoping to see you there.
Whether you can make it today, or to any of our Thanksgiving events. We love you all, and thank you for all your support.
Much love & solidarity,
Jon & Community Solidarity
P.S. We’re leaving you with some pictures of yesterday’s preparations.  

We made 5 trays of these maple cinnamon roasted nuts, and they're amazing!
These organic cranberry pistachio salads are filled with a mix of greens, red cabbage, kale, carrots and edamame.
This is a closeup of an apple & pear gluten free cobbler made with cayenne pepper toasted walnuts. 
Heirloom farro topped with pinto beans, sunflower seeds and a blend of vegan cheeses.  
In total we made 15 vegan pumpkin cheese cakes with crushed brownie toppings and they're all mouth watering! 
This cute dish is one of many chocolate covered cornbreads. 
Stockpiles of sorted donations all ready to be loaded into our trucks!
More stockpiles! 
Can't make it today? You can still help Community Solidarity grow by
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A brief video of Vegan Thanksgiving 2013.
There's an infinite number of way to volunteer with Community Solidarity. From helping to transport vegetarian groceries in your vehicle, to organizing a clothing drive, to playing music at one of our food shares - the sky is the limit. 
Your tax-deductible donation to Community Solidarity, Inc. will help those in need throughout the Long Island and NYC area. In 2014 every $1 we spent translated into 719 pounds of vegetarian groceries!