Every Thursday @7pm

The Farmingville Food Share was created to help struggling families in the Brookhaven area and overcome racial tensions that plagued that community for nearly two decades. After 6 years of operation in Farmingville we're thankful that we've seen those tensions greatly decrease, we've shared weekly groceries with thousands of families and we've helped neighbors get to know each other.

Our goals for Farmingville are to create solidarity amongst the community and, in doing so, become a force of positive change for the residents of Farmingville.

Every Saturday @ Noon.

The Wyandanch Food Share, which occurs every Saturday at noon, is our newest distribution location. Located directly outside the Martin L King Jr. Health Center on Straight Path & Commonwealth Dr., the Wyandanch Food Shares offers free produce, and vegetarian groceries to anyone in need. No paperwork or identification is required.

Every Saturday @ 3pm.

The Community Solidarity Bedford-Stuyvesant Food Share distributes outside of Von King/Tompkins Park (on the northwest corner, at Lafayette and Marcy) every Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Along with free groceries and clothing you can come grab a bowl of Gordon's beloved black eyed peas and lentil soup. In the summer the Bedford-Stuyvesant Food Share almost exclusively distributes farm fresh produce grown locally and donated by CSA's across Brooklyn.

Every Sunday @2pm

The Hempstead Food Share is located directly outside the Hempstead train station (on the north end of W Columbia St, one block east of Main St.)

Every Sunday Community Solidarity shares thousands of pounds of fresh organic vegetarian and vegan groceries with hundreds of fellow community members. The goal is to help empower the community and community members by alleviating the burdens of social/economic oppressions like poverty. We do this by sharing all or at least a good portion of the food a person might need for that week.

Every Tuesday @7pm

The Huntington Food Share is located at the intersection of Fairground Ave & E. 6th St and operates every Tuesday @7pm, regardless of the weather.

This location is also one block north of the intersection of Pulaski Rd. & Depot Rd. and three blocks south of the Huntington Train Station.

All in need are welcome, no paperwork is required and anyone can volunteer, just let the other volunteers know you want to help out.