Free Computers & Printers printers for those in need | Community Solidarity

For low income families, individuals and nonprofits benefiting the community

From Sept. 25th - Oct. 2nd of 2017 Community Solidarity will be distributing free desktop computers, LCD monitors, LaserJet printers, barcode scanners and other computer equipment to families in need; and with other nonprofit community organizations across Long Island! If you are in need of this equipment for your family, your community organization or another project that benefits low-income families across Long Island fill out the following form.

Community Solidarity's Board of Directors will decide which individuals/organizations receive these items based on the need or benefit produced for the community. We will also be giving special consideration to individuals and organizations that help us spread this donation offer on facebook. After applying, we'll give you information on how you can increase your chances of getting your request awarded. 

This application process has concluded.