You can help Long Island families get the school supplies they need!

It's Back-2-School season and there are families across Long Island struggling to get their kids the school supplies they need.

Unfortunately, for many of our neighbors this can be a costly burden to overcome. Purchases of notebooks, backpacks, and sneakers add up quickly creating added stress for many in our community. People may not realize that the average American family spends nearly $600 per child on back-2-school supplies. So, with that in mind, Community Solidarity is taking action.

How can you help?

1. You can collect and donated any of the following items:

Notebooks (spiral & composition), backpacks, art supplies (markers, colored pencils, crayons, sketch pads, water colors, paint, chalk, clay and needed erasers), pens/pencils, loose leaf paper, graph paper, 3-ring binders, folders, compasses, rulers, lunch boxes, calculators, staplers, glue, glue sticks and safety scissors. Children's clothing (sneakers, pants, shirts and socks) is also greatly needed.

Once you've got these items you can, stop by any of our 5 weekly food share locations and join us as we share them directly with families that could use them. Or if you have a lot of supplies you can call our 24/7 hotline (631.223.4370) to arrange for us to pick them up at a location and time of your convenience.

2. You can donate funds, 100% of the funds donated to us between August 25th & September 25th will go to the collection and transportation of goods for our Back-2-School drive and food distribution program.

3. You can spread the word about our school supplies drive or you can organize your family, neighbors or house of worship to create a supporting drive; just email us if you need any ideas (info [at]

4. You can help us rescue new school supplies from the trash, by joining us at one of 3 scheduled Back-2-School Supply Dumpster scavenger hunts! Every day thousands of pounds of school supplies are being tossed out all across Long Island, join us as we rescue that bounty!

The first of these scavenger hunts will take place tonight @8pm. Volunteers will be meeting up at at our Huntington Food Share location to depart in teams across Long Island to collect and all are welcome to join.

With love & Back-2-School Solidarity,
Community Solidarity