Working 24/7

Ok, it's not just about sharing nutritious groceries, clothing, school supplies and other necessities. It's about empowering communities to do so themselves. That's what Community Solidarity, Inc. is all about and that's what we do every hour of every day.
There are nonprofits that share meals with the homeless, that's not us. Community Solidarity is about empowering communities to overcome poverty and other social issues. It's good to provide a hot meal to a hungry person. It's great to provide that same person with groceries for the week. Real change requires more though. It requires lifting that hungry person onto their feet and teaching them to lift up their neighbor. That's Community Solidarity.
We start with access
Community Solidarity operates a 24/7 hotline for anyone or any organization seeking emergency food relief. We also offer 24/7 food rescue services to business and individuals interested in supporting their community. Our organization excels at logistics management and we pride ourselves on the fact that over 99% of all perishable donations we receive are shared to a person in need in under 3 hours - UPS and FEDEX can't even compete with that!
We support and supply dozens of community programs across the NY metropolitan area with groceries, clothing and other essential supplies. These programs include rehab centers like Phoenix House, soup kitchens like the Interfaith Nutrition Network and shelters like the Bowery Mission. We also have our own food distribution project called Long Island Food Not Bombs that shares a weeks supply of groceries directly to 3,500+ people across NYC and Long Island.
We expand with participation
Community Solidarity believes in the idea of solidarity, we want to offer the people who come to us for resources the option of participating in our process. We want to train them on how to collect their own food, and feed their own neighbors. In essences we believe in Solidarity, Not Charity. There are endless ways people can help out, from helping to set up and share materials, to organizing clothing drives or a community garden.
Participation gives people a sense of belonging and empowerment. A majority of our core volunteers were people who were assisted by our program at some point and now want to push it forward. This is the true strength behind Community Solidarity.
Give each community autonomy and control over how social assistance is provided.
The most important aspect of Community Solidarity is that we build communities around our distributions. For example, our Hempstead Food Share which started many years ago is now a weekly event that draws over 500 people. Each person coming can participate in their own way and add to their community in the way he or she thinks best. There’s people who play music for people waiting on lines, people organize book and clothing drives for the distribution, dozens of little groups of community members go to supermarkets with our assistance and bring groceries to share with their neighbors. There’s people that help keep the peace and others that grow tomatoes to share. The important thing, is that each person decides how they’ll help without anyone else telling them what they should do. When a decision needs to be made that affects the whole community, it’s made as a group using concessions and everyone is aware that we’ll only act on what everyone can agree upon.