What You Can Contribute

Sharing Food:

Share food and clothing with Long Island Food Not Bombs

Long Island Food Not Bombs picks up food from restaurants, health/food stores, farmers markets, farms, community farm shares, bakeries, wholesale outlets, factories and where ever else you can think of. We can also arrange pick ups at your convenience on a weekly, bi-weekly or individual basis.

If you've got a couple bags or boxes, or even a truck of food that you want to share *click here*.

Sharing Materials:

We encourage folks to bring items they'd like to share (clothing, books, toys, etc...) to one of our various Food Shares (listed to the right). If you have anything that you'd like to share with Long Island Food Not Bombs we can arrange a pick up at a location and time of your convenance. Some items you could share are as follows - Clothing, Books, Toys, School Supplies, Plants/Seeds, Medical Care, Your Time, Bicycles, Flowers, Cooking Supplies, Table Supplies, etc...

For more information about sharing materials, the pickup/drop off process, or ideas of what you could share *click here*.

Spreading the Word:

If you tell your friends about Long Island Food Not Bombs and they do the same and so on... well, then our community group will become a movement. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to disseminate information about Food Not Bombs but it's not the only way.

Help disseminate information by reposting links to our website everywhere you can. Most of our articles, events, zines, etc... have links at the bottom so you can add them to your favorite networking and bookmarking sites - like digg, facebook and others.

Social networks also play a key role in spreading information. Support Long Island Food Not Bombs by adding us as your friend on your favorite social networks. Check out LongIslandFNB on Facebook Checkout LongIsland FNB on your Myspace Check out Long Island FNB on twitter

Staying in Contact:

Staying in contact with us is another great way to get involved, we're always having a wide variety of events that you might be interested in. To your right is a signup form for our newsletter. It's a great way to stay informed.

For instantaneous updates you can sign up for our text messaging service - just text LIFNB to 41411.

Sharing Your Thoughts:

We encourage you to use this website to share your thoughts, feelings, ideas and stories. Feel free to ask questions via our website forum, our contact page or even through comments which you can leave on all stories and events.

Using this website you can also add your own content. You can help us by adding local services, links or vegan recipes to the site.