Growing community while teaching the youth about health

For the children at Park Avenue Elementary School in Merrick, solidarity isn’t a spectator sport. Over the past two years the school’s ecology club, called the “Green Team”, has literally gotten their hands dirty transforming an unused space into a beautiful vegetable garden. Even better, this past Tuesday, students and teachers collected their first harvest and shared the bounty with Community Solidarity!

Everyone was excited to show off the gorgeous heaps of swiss chard, lettuce and herbs they grew together. The garden’s coordinators, Robin Obey and Jill Skelly, encouraged their students to create their incredible garden and to share their bounty with other children in-need across Long Island.

Everyone at Park Avenue Elementary really did a great job, because later that day we shared their garden produce with dozens of families at our Huntington Food Share and folks absolutely loved it all!

Yes, despite the rain, or the crowds of hundreds, we were able to share thousands of pounds of great groceries this past Tuesday night. And while the Park Avenue Elementary School’s contribution might not have been the largest we received that day, it was one of the healthiest, and without doubt the one filled with the most love.

You see, we’re sharing this story because it doesn’t matter how much you contribute or how you wish to volunteer. What matters is that if everyone does just a little the result can achieve a great deal.

Inspired? Well maybe you can start a small garden in your backyard or at your school, or church, and bring some of what you grow to one of our Food Shares? Or maybe you can think of an even better way to help out? Just let us know. Or if you’re stuck for ideas you can always check out a great list of ways to participate here.

Oh, and throughout the summer the Park Avenue Elementary School will be one of dozens of gardens donating their produce to our Food Shares.

For all their hard work, and for the hard work of our supporters we say,
Thank you,
In Solidarity,
JonSTeps, Community Solidarity & Long Island Food Not Bombs